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We're Not Reinventing The Wheel

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About Us

This project was started over a year ago out of a desire for better than the roleplay servers my friends and I had been playing on the last few years. Whether it be poor server performance, lack of content, staff/admin abuse, favoritism, low quality RP, etc there was always something missing. So I went and started building the server I always wanted to play on.

Fast forward many months we now have a team of great coders, modelers, community staff and more working hard to build this dream for our community to enjoy.

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What we bring to the table

We are a team of professional developers, engineers, modellers, artists and designers with industry experience committed to pushing the boundaries of roleplay on FiveM.

Custom Content

Our team of developers hand-write almost all of our code. We are able to resolve bugs quickly, and add new features on a regular basis.

Performance First

No more lagging during the day-to-day. We meticulously optimize our code and assets to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

Encouraging Roleplay

You are probably just as tired as we are of the low quality roleplay that is so common in the FiveM community. We have a reward system to reward good roleplay.

Lore Friendly

To ensure that our community is immersive, we have a strict lore policy. We do not allow any content that is not lore friendly.

Safe Environment

We have a dedicated safety team separate from our staff team to ensure that our community is safe for everyone. We take harassment very seriously.

Unique Experiences

As we build everything from scratch, we are able to create unique experiences that you won't find anywhere else. We are always open to suggestions.

Something for everyone!

We strive towards making a balanced experience so no matter what lifestyle you choose for your character it will be a fun and rewarding experience.



We are diligently incorporating more and more for our law-abiding citizens to enjoy.

Activities for solo players or groups to enjoy such as VR, go-karts, bowling and more

Create the next hit in our vibrant music industry backed by in-game radio stations

Apply for a hunting license and go after some wild animals or go fishing with your friends

Boost beaters and work your way up to swiping supercars for your collection

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Crime is a core part of the server, with a wide range of heists, crafting and more to keep you entertained.

Level up your abilities by earning experience in various skills

Start a gang, claim turf and run your criminal enterprise

Join a group and complete heists without disruptive bugs interrupting your plans

Boost beaters and work your way up to swiping supercars for your collection

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We want to put you in control of your business and keep things balanced.

Apply for a business license with our Department of Commerce

Go into business by purchasing a warehouse and designing your own interior storefront

Start a restaurant, setup your own menu, create custom food and more without waiting on developers

Hone your craft as a mechanic and run a tuner shop using our custom upgrade system

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Emergency Services

Emergency Services is a core part of the server, with a wide range of features to keep you entertained.

Apply and join the LSPD keeping the streets of Los Santos safe

Utilize the modern, responsive and well-designed MDT

Collect evidence with discoverable information available at the PD lab for processing

Live, pass-out, bleed and more with our custom from-scratch medical system with straightforward statuses

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Frequently asked questions

Is there any Economy?

Yes! We work hard to build and maintain a balanced realistic economy.

Do you make everything in-house?

While our dev team is very skilled and devoted to creating something incredible we do have lives. To facilitate content creation some content is purchased or open-source. In return for using these things our team actively contributes back to open-source ourselves.

Is there Pay To Win?

Absolutely not. Our monetization model is centered around vanity items such as ringtones, custom plates, custom phone numbers, and more. None of the things you can purchase on our store will provide any advantage.

When will the server be live?

We will launch the server when it's ready. We are currently in early access and will be opening up to the public soon.