v0.0.5released 1/1/2024
    Lead Developer
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    Changelog: New Years Edition



    • Complete redesign
    • New Street Name / Directional indicator
    • Speedometer overhauled
    • RPM indicator with redline visual
    • Gear indicator
    • Status indicators
    • Health / armour bar change animations
    • Status bar entry / exit animations
    • Vehicle UI entry/exit animations
    • Separate on foot and in vehicle hud
    • Synced seat-belt native audio in / around vehicle streamable

    [FEATURE]: Character Selector

    • Rebuilt by Dan

    [FEATURE]: Spawn Selector

    • Scrollable/zoomable Map with pin locations
    • Added PDM location for testing
    • Added LSMC location for testing
    • Rewrote last location logic

    [FEATURE]: Weather

    • Pre-render weather pattern for use in phone UI
    • Added scaling weather for storms/fog/snow
    • Added snowy December config options
    • Resolved some sync issues

    [FIX]: Crouching

    • Removed stances
    • Optimised crouching code

    [FIX]: Emote Menu

    • Walk styles now saved per character not per client
    • Expressions now saved per character
    • Emote binds now saved per character

    [FIX]: Discord Integration

    • Character name no longer showing incorrectly in some circumstances

    [MAP]: Central Los Santos Medical Center (LSMC)

    • Load map
    • Configure respawn location
    • Configure self-service hospital
    v0.0.4released 12/7/2023
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    Changelog: Early December :snowman2:

    Note all features starting with [EA] are for early access only

    I have been a little preoccupied with some of the admin/onboarding stuff and setting up the test server this month which delayed releasing this changelog.

    [EA][feature]: Vehicle Dealership

    Limited functionality PDM now in place

    • Cars sorted by type
    • All cars priced at $0.00 for testing
    • Cars to be reclassified into letter class once tuned

    [3D]: Roads of Alamo

    • Road south of sandy airstrip now paved with railings
    • Sandy Airstrip now fenced in for.. security purposes
    • Road from The Lost Trailer Park near Sandy up to Grapeseed paved with railings
    • 24/7 store added on north side of Alamo Sea

    [3D]: Foilage

    • Various forests / foilage reworked from Blaine County to Paleto
    • Various foilage now populated within city of Los Santos

    [FEATURE]: Vehicle Failure

    • Rewrite of failure system to improve performance ~600%
    • Add stalling system using beeps to indicate remaining stalls
    • Vehicle much more resilient to catching fire after failing completely
    • Smoothed vehicle performance degredation

    [FIX]: Vehicle Air Control

    • Vehicles now appropriately lock controls while in air or flipped
    • No longer losing control in some conditions after being airborne

    [FIX]: Vehicle Locks

    • Fix audio sometimes not syncing between nearby players
    • Fix audio sometimes not playing on first lock/unlock event after loading into server
    • Fix smashing window while entering vehicle during unlock event

    [FIX]: Vehicle Trunks

    • Players should no longer get stuck in trunks under any circumstance
    • Remove player from trunk automatically in event of vehicle despawn

    [FIX]: In-Game Voice

    • Players can now see lips moving while others are speaking nearby
    • Players will now automatically look at whoever is speaking

    [FIX]: Vehicle Controls

    • Dead / Cuffed / Unconscious players no longer able to access vehicle controls

    [FEATURE]: Testing Server (VERY SOON :tm:)

    • Located issue with our datacenter’s DDOS protection and had to select new provider
    • Setup and configured server
    • Migrated database in for testing
    • Configure dedicated subdomain for access
    • TODO: complete dev pipeline to allow seamless updating of test environment before opening test server
    v0.0.3released 10/29/2023
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    Changelog: Halloween Edition :wicked:

    [FEATURE]: Medical System

    The medical system has been completely rewritten!

    • Add ability to bandage self and other with third eye and item check
    • Add ability to splint damaged legs on others with third eye and item check
    • Add ability to revive others on third eye with item check
    • Add ability to respawn if stranded while dead for a fee
    • Add self-service revive/healing to hospitals with NPCs for a fee
    • Improve security of events
    • Prevent dead players from being kicked / punched to interrupt death animation
    • Add bleed status, certain weapons apply bleed - scales based on damage received and bleed stat of weapon used
    • Add unconscious status, certain damage types apply unconscious status. Player is knocked out once threshold exceeded
    • Add stagger status, when legs or spine are damaged player uses injured run and may trip while running
    • Configure bleed scaling effects / scaling tick rate based on bleed rate
    • Configure staggered effects, scaling on severity of leg damage
    • Configure unconscious effects
    • Configure appropriate animations based on whether player is in car, standing or in water
    • Configure hospital setup/optimisation system to hot-load content
    • Configure weapon data to enable status effects (configurable per weapon, per status)
    • Configure armour effectiveness when body parts that would be protected are damaged

    [FEATURE]: Recoil System

    • Add forced first person in vehicles when aiming (rat proof :rat:)
    • Add configurable vertical and horizontal recoil per weapon while standing
    • Add configurable vertical and horizontal recoil per weapon while in vehicle
    • Add recoil scaling when shooting from first person
    • Fix vertical recoil not applying correctly while in vehicle
    • Remove combat rolling

    [FEATURE]: Discord Presence

    w able to show currently playing Paradym with character name and playercount

    [FEATURE]: Map Improvements

    • Several skips and jumps have been repaired, removed
    • New jumps/skips to be added over time
    • Removed conflicting vegetation
    • Reforested Paleto with beautiful cedar trees
    • Los Santos has had a vegetation, sign and barricade overhaul

    [FEATURE]: Testing Server (soon :tm:)

    • Hardware for testing server has been configured
    • Server OS and firewall have been tuned and optimised
    • FiveM runtime has been installed and configured
    • Awaiting completion of a few more scripts before enabling community test server

    v0.0.2released 10/17/2023
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    Another day another changelog Buglog

    [FEATURE]: Bug Reporting

    Report bugs via our Github Issues. All issues automatically add themselves to our Bug Tracker described below.


    [FEATURE]: Bug Tracker

    View current status of all known bugs with our Github Project

    Feature requests will be added to Github as we near launch

    [BUGFIXES]: Multiple

    • Fixed bug where players could equip certain head wear (helmets) and take reduced headshot damage
    • Fixed bug where players would automatically shuffle to drivers seat as passenger
    • Fixed bug where GTAO default crosshair and some other HUD elements would show
    • Fixed bug where police dispatch radio would play when near emergency personnel ai
    • Fixed bug where ambient emergency personnel would roam the city and respond to calls
    • Fixed bug where players were not forced into first person when aiming in some types of vehicles
    • Fixed bug where non-rp vehicles (attack choppers, etc) were spawning in the local pool
    • Fixed bug where unintended AI were roaming
    • Refactored code to improve performance of forcing first person shooting in vehicles
    • Refactored code to improve performance of showing nearby player IDs for reporting
    • Refactored code to improve performance of blocking seat shuffling
    • A few other spicy secret changes you will definitely like :)

    If you have any feedback on the changes, positive or negative please share your thoughts in #💬・discussion

    v0.0.1released 9/21/2023
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    [FEATURE]: Garages & Impound Lots

    • Impound lots have now been added with pricing based off some vehicle information
    • Vehicles that are destroyed will become available at impound every 30 minutes on the clock
    • Vehicles with invalid garages which are unretrivable will move to impound on server restart
    • Impound lots are now divided properly by type (car, boat, air) to match garages
    • Impound lot locations TBD
    • Pricing for fees is NOT FINAL
    • Impound and garage both check for existence of vehicle prior to retrieval to prevent duping


    • Update interaction to use Phone app instead of NPC to retrieve vehicles
    • Add vehicle details (upgrades, colour, stats, status) to UI (pending phone completion)

    [FEATURE]: Vehicle Fuelling

    • Use target to select pump or buy jerrycan
    • Cancel mid-pump for partial fuelling
    • Configurable fuel rate

    [FEATURE]: Scenes

    • Highly customizable scenes with a preset deletion timer
    • Able to delete your own scenes
    • Admins able to moderate scenes with logging

    More to come 😁